Residency Training in General Surgery

DR. JAMES A. VOSSWINKEL: Winner of the First Annual David J. Kreis, Jr., Award for Excellence in Trauma Surgery

Dr. James A. Vosswinkel, a chief resident since July 2000, received his MD in 1995 from SUNY-Syracuse, and then entered our residency training program in general surgery. He quickly gained the respect of the entire surgical faculty for his clinical and academic excellence. Also an impressive young scholar, he has published five peer-reviewed articles during the course of his residency, three of which are in the field of trauma/surgical critical care:

l Vosswinkel JA, Bilfinger TV. Cardiac nail gun injuries: lessons learned. J Trauma 1999;47:58890.
l Vosswinkel JA, McCormack JE, Brathwaite CE, Geller ER. Critical analysis of injuries sustained in the TWA Flight 800 midair disaster. J Trauma 1999;47:61721.
l Vosswinkel JA, Brathwaite CE, Smith TR, Ferber JM, Casella G, Garlick PJ. Hyperventilation increases muscle protein synthesis in critically ill trauma patients. J Surg Res 2000;91:614.

Starting in July 2001, after his graduation from Stony Brook, Dr. Vosswinkel will pursue fellowship training in trauma/surgical critical care at Yale University.

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