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In May 1998, Dr. Steven L. Shoen, of our plastic and reconstructive surgery service, collaborated with Dr. Michael J. Petersen, of our vascular surgery service, in performing successful foot-salvage surgery in a patient with severe peripheral vascular disease.

An expert in reconstructive microsurgery, Dr. Shoen performed a microvascular free-tissue transfer, while Dr. Petersen performed distal bypass surgery.

This combined approach has been shown to benefit patients greatly, as amputation of the foot would commonly be required. In recent years, Dr. Shoen has teamed up with members of our vascular surgery service in successfully performing six of these combined foot-salvage procedures.

When advanced ischemia is complicated by large areas of tissue loss, combined distal bypass and microvascular free-tissue transfer, performed simultaneously or in stages, is safe in carefully selected patients, and can often save feet from amputation.

For more information, please call Dr. Shoen at 631-444-4545.

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