Table 1. Procedures for Rehabilitation of Prolonged Facial Paralysis

Dynamic Reanimation

I. Interposition nerve grafts
II. Crossover reinnervation procedures
     Ansa hypoglossi
III. Regional muscle transfer
IV. Microneurovascular free-flap
     Latissimus dorsi
     Rectus abdominis
     Serratus anterior
     Pectoralis minor
     Abductor hallucis
     Extensor digitorum brevis


Static Reanimation and Cosmetic Procedures

I. Eyelid procedures
     Lower lid tightening
II. Brow and forehead lift
III. Correction of midfacial deformity
     Fascia lata
     Alloplastic sheets
     Malar augmentation
IV. Facelift
V. Lower lip wedge resection
VI. Botulinum toxin

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