Residency Training in General Surgery


Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Eugene P. Mohan, MD, Chief of Surgery

Opened in 1972, the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center is a 327-bed tertiary care facility. One of the core teaching hospitals of Stony Brook's medical school and surgical residency program, it also serves as the regional medical education center for the Northeastern region of the Veterans Affairs. It provides comprehensive medical and surgical care to an estimated half-million veterans living on Long Island.

Located approximately 16 miles from Stony Brook, on its own 400-acre campus, the Northport VA Medical Center brings together residents and faculty from medicine, general surgery, orthopedics, radiology, and the medical and surgical subspecialties. It has, in addition to the usual laboratory services, a full complement of advanced diagnostic modalities including digital arteriography, Duplex mode ultrasonography, cardiac catheterization and cardiac stress evaluation. In addition, two buildings with full laboratory and animal OR facilities have been dedicated to the research of the faculty and residents.

The care of the veteran patient is primarily the responsibility of the resident staff under the close supervision of the medical school faculty. This care includes preoperative diagnostic evaluation, intraoperative care as well as postoperative management. The Northport VA Medical Center also offers residents the opportunity to follow their patients after discharge in the many surgical and subspecialty outpatient clinics. The ambulatory care program handles more than 204,000 clinic visits annually.

In addition to gaining considerable clinical experience, residents further their surgical education through participation in the teaching rounds/conferences, journal club, textbook review, and basic science curriculum. The ultramodern health sciences library and medical media production service provides a wide array of products and services that greatly enhance the quality of academic programs.

Winthrop–University Hospital
William P. Reed, Jr., MD, Chairman of Surgery

Founded in 1896 as Nassau Hospital, Winthrop–University Hospital is Long Island's oldest voluntary hospital. Located in Mineola and licensed at 591 beds, it provides a full complement of professional services. There are surgical, cardiac, respiratory, medical, and neonatal intensive care units. The radiology department is fully approved for residency training, and is equipped with a state-of-the-art CT scanner and the most modern ultrasonic and nuclear imaging devices. Radiation oncology provides the broadest range of treatment modalities. There is a modern cardiopulmonary laboratory and an active open-heart surgery program. The cardiac catheterization laboratory is maintained for diagnostic procedures and also for therapy, including percutaneous transluminal coronary (balloon) angioplasty.

Approximately 9,500 major operations are performed yearly. The surgical core lecture series provides didactic instruction in both the basic and clinical sciences fundamental to general surgery. There are 188 house staff in 21 accredited residencies and fellowship programs at Winthrop–University Hospital. Laboratories staffed by one or more PhD investigators include endocrinology/metabolism, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, oncology, pulmonary, renal, sleep disorders, and surgery.

Ultra-modern facilities for medical education feature a lecture hall with videobeam projection, a medical library with an extensive collection of clinical computer-assisted instruction, a sophisticated cardiology auscultation system enabling as many as 40 people attending a conference to hear a patient's heart-sounds simultaneously, and a laser videodisc system to supplement training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and advanced cardiac life support. Video-teleconference capabilities further enhance the educational resources. Click here to visit Winthrop's home page.

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