Residency Training in General Surgery


The surgical residency programís policy on duty hours adheres to the DOH 405 Regulations as well as the ACGME regulations and the RRC regulations. The most stringent of these regulations are adhered to.

The call schedule employs an emergency surgery service consisting of four residents working 13-hour shifts Sunday through Friday. The remaining residents work 12-hour shifts Monday to Friday and one 20-hour shift on the weekend.

Each resident will have a 24 hours period off every week. Residents on Nightflow are given 1 full weekend off per month while on rotation at Stony Brook University Hospital.

To assure adherence to the policy, each resident submits a 1-month period of time every 4 months to the residency coordinator.

The residency coordinator reviews all submitted schedules and forwards them to the GMEC chair for further review.

If there is any deviation from the policy, the situation is immediately referred to the site director and it is immediately corrected.

Residents are oriented to the duty-hour policy annually at the department orientation, both verbally and in writing.

All affiliated institutions are located in New York State and are fully aware of, and in compliance with, the DOH regulations. The ACGME regulations are also communicated thoroughly.

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