Patient Care


We perform all kinds of "ambulatory surgery" for both adults and children. Ambulatory surgery is surgery that doesn't require an overnight hospital stay. It's also called outpatient or same-day surgery. This means that eligible patients come to the hospital in the morning, have their operation, and are sent home within 24 hours. Many operations can be done this way—and University Hospital has not only a special unit dedicated to ambulatory surgery, but also a new Ambulatory Surgery Center. Among the operations we often perform on an ambulatory basis are tonsil removal, hernia repairs, gallbladder removal, biopsies, and cosmetic plastic surgery. We perform too many different kinds of same-day operations to name all of them. The new approach called minimally invasive surgery that distinguishes these operations offers patients less pain and less scarring, as well as faster recovery, compared with conventional procedures. Interested patients should ask their physician about the possibility of having their operation done as ambulatory surgery.

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